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Jumping Castle Franchise Opportunities

Sports Themed Jumping Castle with SlideRight now there are Jumping Castle Franchise Business Opportunity in areas of Adelaide. Do you live in Salisbury or surrounding areas? If you have ever considered owning your own business, Jumping J-Jays is looking for more franchise owners.

Our Franchise Business Opportunities are a great way to help you and your family achieve a great work/life balance. 

It is rare to find a business opportunity which enables you to minimise your financial risk by being able to work in the business on a part-time basis.  This means that you may continue to work in other paid employment on a part time basis.  Another advantage of being able to grow your own business from home is that you don't have the huge start up costs associated with a traditional retail business structure such as renting retail space, fit out of this space and other costs.

Jumping J-Jays was the first “party hire” franchise in Australia, and was founded in 1997.

Our Franchise System helps you to build your own business using products which are renowned Blast Off Space Themed Jumping Castlefor:


  1. Quality
  2. Affordability
  3. Product development
  4. Product Safety

The Business Model and Business Plan gives you:

  1. Transparent Returns on Investment
  2. Profitable Business Systems
  3. Well designed Local Area Marketing Tools

The Jumping J-Jays Franchise purchase includes all the equipment you need to store your jumping castle stock, using your existing home garage. Everything you get in your purchase is clearly stated in the Franchise Agreement. 



If you have looked into our franchise opportunites before, please look again. We have improved our business model and are now offering something a little different. Our most successful and highest earning franchise owners no longer work in their original day jobs, but deliver castles on the weekends and do mid-week local marketing.  Purchasing a Franchise with Jumping J-Jays can replace your income and more! 

Franchise opportunities exist in selected territories in North Melbourne and throughout Australia to own your own business

You receive an intense 7 day training program to learn what you need to run your own business. Included is 1 days Administration training, 2 days Local Area Marketing Training and 4 day in field training.  This means you can start earning money fast!

Here is what some of our franchisees are saying!

"... tired of doing the same thing every day, why not break up the routine? While working part-time in your day job, then investing in your own business could be a whole lot more rewarding with Jumping J-Jays."

"...sick of the 9-5 routine? Why not look at a Jumping J-Jays franchise. Only requires 3 days a week to operate, and gives you the opportunity to do some part time work elsewhere."

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Jumping castles throughout Adelaide and surrounding suburbs.